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  • Vera Uglova - Russian

    Vera Uglova - Russian

    Methodologist, Deputy director for studies and educational work, preschool education teacher. She has been working with children since 2001. She has worked as teacher, a curriculum developer, a senior teacher, as well as a psychologist. Vera also worked as an artistic director of the Children's Cultural Centre.

    Vera is a very enthusiastic and versatile person. She is a professional dancer. Vera plays the guitar and writes poetry.

    She believes that individual approach is the key to success at work with children.

    «Our task is to create favorable conditions for children’s mental and physical development. We need to take into account the age and individual characteristics of each child to prepare them for life in modern society and for school. The ability to meet challenges depends on each teacher's pedagogical skills, culture and love for children. That’s why I think that the most important thing in work is self-improvement as well as constant development of professional skills.

  • Komleva Oksana - Russian

    Komleva Oksana - Russian

    Oksana Anatolievna is a Russian language teacher.

    In 1993 Oksana Anatolievna graduated from the department of the preschool pedagogy and psychology of the Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University. Immediately after graduation she began working in a kindergarten.

    Oksana Anatolievna has been working in P’tiCREF since 2007. She works with children of different ages, from Junior group to Prep. She has worked as a kindergartener, physical-education teacher and a teacher of the creative work. Oksana Anatolievna has a certificate on methodology "Learning to read on Zaitsev’s cubes". Besides, she is always engaged in self-education.

    While working with young children Oksana Anatolievna considers that the main factors are love and kindness. She’s doing her best so that children enjoy their time in the kindergarten and learn how to make new friends. While working with older children, the most important thing is to get them ready for school. According to her opinion it is important to love children and no matter how old they are it is necessary to know their age and psychological characteristics so that they spend their time in the kindergarten with comfort, fun and interest.

  • Margarita Zelenova-Maslova - Russian

    Margarita Zelenova-Maslova - Russian

    Margarita graduated from N.A. Dobrolyubov Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University, department of History and theory of fine arts.

    “I love to make different things, to create something new. In my work with children I try to foster a love for the beautiful”.

    At P’titCREF Margarita works with the Toddlers group. Classes in this group are always very exciting and unpredictable. Margarita really enjoys working with kids and loves them very much. Besides, she is a Visual Art teacher in all the groups. 

  • Michael Morgan Thayer - English

    Michael Morgan Thayer - English

    Michael is a US citizen.

    Michael holds a bachelor's degree in History and the Russian language at the University of South Carolina. For one year he worked at a language school in Nizhny Novgorod, before that he worked in several museums and archives, doing both historical documents and summer programs for children.