We are happy to announce that enrolment for the next school year at P'titCREF Nizhni Novgorod has started! We are ready to welcome children from 2 to 7 y.o.

You can enroll your children now. Please, ask administration team for details or call us 8 (831) 413 0641

Classes at P'titCREF Nizhni Novgorod are conducted in three languages ​​(Russian, English and French) by experienced native speaking teachers.

We combine the children speaking different languages in the same group. Thank to this they develope in a natural multilingual environment, absorbing knowledge rapidly and easily. The child can attend kindergarten half day or full day.

nn collage kindergarten school

The groups are 5-12 people and the children are divided into groups based on age but not by the level of proficiency. We add various disciplines (drawing, writing, reading, logic, mathematics, music, sports) to the schedule of these groups, in addition to creative and other activities.

If you want to visit our centre, please make an appointment with one of our managers (call us 8 (831) 413 0641).