Common cultural development, development of creative abilities and motility is an important component of the P'titCREF project.

The original extracurricular activities Les p’tits plus offer parents various classes, keeping a balance between creative (art and music), sports (karate, dancing, yoga etc.) and informative (soroban, ecology, geography etc.) activities. Either invited professionals (artists, clowns, teachers of martial arts) or P’titCREF teachers lead the groups. Teachers are selected by their profession, dynamism, originality and ability to adapt.

All children can join Les p’tits plus classes irrespective of whether they study at P’titCREF.

Dance Class

Does your child like to move around? Is he/she always thinking up some movements? Enjoys to show his/her moves to others. Here is the chance for your child to practice and learn from a professional dance teacher. This class will include how to move with rhythm, express his/her emotions using body language. Sign up now because it's time to learn how to dance!


This extracurricular is taught to children divided by two different age groups. Rhythmics - for children 3 - 4 years and Modern Choreography - for children 5 - 7 years. Each lesson includes warm-ups, stretching exercises, the basics of modern choreography, improvisation and, of course, the learning of dance elements. At the end of their programmes they will put on a performance for their families and friends. This will build their need for concentration, setting goals and confidence just like a real performing artist with applause and bows at the end.